AUcluhTeZ3V2KP05iPGhRuQlWru-s3MFaEVq_98-l2cWelcome to Secrets of a Home Cook. Great home cooking runs in my family. But, before I took the plunge sometime south of 10, I was my grandmother’s mini sous chef, mesmerized by her “pearls of cooking wisdom” which tumbled out of her mouth as eloquently as the ones she wore around her neck. I learned a lot of secrets in her kitchen such as: how to roast a chicken (nudge whole, unpeeled garlic cloves underneath), to how to make chicken soup (because nothing was wasted), to perfect pie crust (add ground nuts), and light as air cake (don’t over-beat).

Through the years, I learned that home cooks have secrets in the kitchen (hence the name Secrets of a Home Cook) whether it’s an ingredient, a short cut, a technique or something else that make their recipes amazing. Like most home cooks, my style is one of necessity as well as curiosity. Cooking at home dances between getting food on the table fast while also creating memories and traditions. Lucky for us, great recipes get passed down through the generations, a reminder that home cooking is timeless. It’s those recipes that are brimming with secrets and a promise that home cooking is alive and well just as it always has been.

Today, I’m, a tried-and-true home cook, in the trenches like everyone else. The recipes that I write about are the same ones I’m putting on the table for my family. So, come cook with me as I share my secrets. Have a cooking question or a secret to share or you’d like to know more about Amy? My kitchen door is always open and I’d love to hear from you amy@secretsofahomecook dot com